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Organic Patchouli Essential Oil


100% Organic Patchouli Essential Oil- Pogostemon cablin        10mls

Family: Lamiaceae

Plant Part: Leaves

Country of Origin: India

Note: Base

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Consistency: A golden orange to dark reddish brown liquid

Aromatic Summary: Medium aroma, Patchouli has an earthy aroma with light fruity notes.

Blends well with: Lavender, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Rose, Sweet Orange, Myrrh, Geranium Basil, Frankincense

Product Abstract: Patchouli is a very fragrant herb with soft oval leaves and square stems. It grows from 2 to 3 feet in height and provides an unusual odor that is nonetheless characteristic of patchouli when the leaves are rubbed. It became very popular throughout the British Empire when silks and cashmere shawls from India were packed with Patchouli to discourage insects during shipping, the scent being the final proof of origin. Genuine India Ink was also scented with it. Patchouli improves with age, and the aged oil is what is preferred over that which is freshly harvested. In aromatherapy and perfumery.

Helps with: Colds and flu, Headaches, nausea, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, wounds, wrinkles & mature skin, stress related issues

For external use only, do not ingest. Dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil, cream or Epsom salts. Do not apply neat on the skin as it can cause irritations.

Please contact Janet at with any aromatherapy questions.

Organic Patchouli Essential Oil