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Know your Oils

Argan Oil: Organic Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids, and it contains saponins and twice as much vitamin E as Olive Oil. Supports the hydration of skin, helps to soften it, thereby minimizing the appearance of fine lines. It is used to improve the texture of acne-prone skin, maintaining a youthful, glowing appearance.

Abyssinian Oil: This is a seed oil which is full of C22 Fatty Acids. It contains both Linoleic and Linoleic Acids, an Omega 6 Fatty acid. It is easily absorbed while leaving the skin feeling regenerated & calm. Anti-inflammatory in nature, very resistant to oxidation. Excellent properties for rehydration and protection of dry skin.

Buriti Oil: Is rich in nutrients, Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant, helps protect skin & improve any premature ageing. Fatty acids extracted from the oil help wrinkle prevention by plumping & firming, reducing the appearance fine lines. The fatty acids are a natural moisturiser helping keep your skin looking hydrated & refreshed all day. Vit E in the buriti oil is great for the protection against any environmental stressors.

Evening Primrose Oil:  Evening Primrose Oil is reputed to nourish, moisturize and  revitalize the skin. It improves the look, texture of skin while reducing the signs of aging.

Geranium Essential Oil: Geranium oil is balancing to all systems, creates a feeling of balance on an emotional level.  It is effective at eliminating dead cells, tightening the skin, promoting the regeneration of new skin, and diminish signs of aging.

Rose Essential Oil: Packed with vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants, rose essential oil has excellent emollient properties. It moisturizes dry skin, reduces fine lines and signs of aging, it helps to minimize the appearance of scars. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help treat redness and inflammation. Women adore the scent of Rose 

Lavender E/Oil: Calms skin, balances your skin’s moisture barrier, reduces redness and acne scarring, antioxidants and phytochemicals help to prevent premature aging from environmental stresses. 

Patchouli Essential Oil: Excellent for dry or eczema skin, soothing and calming from anti-inflammatory properties, balancing to skin, it has astringent properties which help with acne or oily skin, an oil for all skin types, emotionally it is balancing and grounding.

Chamomile E/Oil: Chamomile boasts anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reduce redness, blemishes, rosacea, eczema, fade dark spots, reduce puffiness under eye and promote a healthy glow. It can even relieve skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. The polyphenols and phytochemicals in chamomile are known to speed up cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. 

Rosewood E/Oil: “The youthful Oil” Rosewood is a wonderful oil used for mature skin, it restores moisture and helps reduce fine lines. It is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Cytophylactic- heals & protects cells, it helps promote the movement of Lymph fluid reducing puffiness in face, creating a more toned skin, it is an emollient- softens & soothes the skin

Palmarosa E/Oil: A high geraniol content stimulates cellular memory, repair & regeneration. Skin heals, is stronger, rejuvenated, hydrated and balanced sebum production for balanced nourished skin.

Vit.E: vitamin E provides conditioning to environmentally exposed skin, it works by smoothing your skin  after irritation from pollution and sun damage. It has photo-protective purposes as well. 

Raw Vit C: Vitamin C is a highly popular antioxidant and is known as a required component in the production of collagen, which is what provides skin its suppleness and elasticity. Vitamin C has also been shown to help reduce the appearance of age spots while providing some protection from external environmental stressors. 

Cosmetic Grade Phenoxyethanol: Protects our creams from yeast, mold & all types of bacteria a necessary ingredient to protect us in our natural skin care.

Beeswax: It forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture in our skin without smothering and clogging up the pores.

Coconut Oil: Antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which help to slow the aging process and may help to reduce the damage from free radicals and the sun.

Jojoba Oil: Light and easily absorbed, full of Vit E and antioxidants. It balances the skin’s natural oils and has antifungal properties. It can extend the shelf life of product

Xanthan Gum: Natural ingredient used as a thickening agent, texture enhancer, and to stabilize emulsions

Sunflower Seed Oil: Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps to promote healthy skin. These vitamins act as antioxidants. They help in regenerating damaged skin cells and getting rid of the acne causing bacteria. It is absorbed into the skin easily without blocking the pores.

Glycerin: Vegetable glycerin is considered safe. Vegetable glycerin is a clear, odorless and sweet-tasting liquid derived from vegetable fats. It is added to cosmetics and may offer health benefits, such as moisturized & resilient skin.

Borage Oil:  Is the richest known source (24%) of an essential fatty acid called gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). It soothes dry skin and protects from moisture loss.

Sodium Citrate: Used primarily to control the pH level of a product, this ingredient also has antioxidant and preservative properties.

Babassu Oil: Babassu oil comes from the seed of the Orbignya oleifera plant, which is native to Brazil. It has vit E ,antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.  It’s a rich source of the medium chain triglyceride lauric acid, which comprises over 50% of the oil’s fatty acids. Lauric acid is naturally present in skin’s oil, and is important in reinforcing the skin’s innate defenses by helping to strengthen its microbiome.

Witch Hazel: Our Witch Hazel is Alcohol Free. All the benefits without the drying from the Alcohol. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of witch hazel also help soothe irritated skin, making it great for men too post-shaving!

Cetearyl Alcohol: The cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) and Expert Panel has concluded that fatty alcohols, including cetearyl alcohol, are safe for use in cosmetic products. In clinical studies, cetearyl alcohol was found to have no significant toxicity and was non-mutagenic.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is technically a tree nut product. But unlike most tree nut products, it’s very low in the proteins that can trigger allergies. Shea butter doesn’t contain chemical irritants known to dry out skin, and it doesn’t clog pores. It’s appropriate for most skin types

Dimethicone: One of the most frequently used & most gentle emollients

Baobab Oil: A cold pressed oil that is Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, E, K. Baobab Carrier Oil is known to be hydrating and soothing, making it ideal for skin that is dry, irritated, and inflamed.

Rosehip Seed Oil: “The oil of Youth” the oil comes from the hip, it is full of Linoleic Acids (Omega 6) which soothes the skin from it’s anti-inflammatory properties, for mature skin as it helps to accelerate skin regeneration, reduce the appearance of minor skin conditions like age spots, restores a youthful skin, soothes skin that suffers from, eczema, hyper-pigmentation,psoriasis,  it is light and easily absorbs, It help to restore elasticity to skin, helps to minimize both wrinkles and stretch marks.

Glyceryl Sterate: A mixture of portions of glycerin and stearic acid used as an emollient, surfactant, and emulsifier. Our Glyceryl is not made from animal products.

Carbomer: prevent emulsions/creams from separating it is  Zero on toxicity scale

Stearic Acid: Fatty acid used as an emollient and emulsifier. It has been shown to protect our skin’s surface against water loss and improve our skin's protective barrier. Our Stearic acid is not made from animal by product.

Made in Canada, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free,  No Parabens, SLS  or Harsh Chemicals, GMO Free,  Phthalate Free, Kosher Certified, and Cruelty Free. NaturalBella Products are made in Small Batches by Certified Aromatherapist Janet Henderson with over 14 Years of Experience
“Creating a Sense of Harmony”