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Our Story


    My name is Janet Henderson, I live in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. I am a mother, wife and business owner.  I am a CFA certified Aromatherapist with over 14 years of experience in the industry. I own and operate a successful holistic business called Desjardins Holistic Therapies treating hundreds of clients with massage, reiki,  facials, reflexology, hot stone massage and Bach Flowers for over 14 years in my home town Dundas. 

Ten years ago I was in search of a cream to treat my own skin. From that need I developed NaturalBella Women’s Nourishing Face cream. I had very dry and sensitive skin. I struggled to find a product that would remedy my dry skin without causing irritations such as, rashes or breakouts. I spent an immense amount of time and money trying to find the right cream, with no success.

I had an aha moment one day and thought “I can make myself something fabulous, I have the skills and training to make my own products”

My NaturalBella journey began in my kitchen cooking the base from scratch and adding essential oils and carrier oils. It took me almost 2 years of adding and removing different ingredients until I found the perfect combination!  I began using this NaturalBella nourishing face cream myself morning and night. My friends started asking what I was using as my skin had never looked so good. 

The next chapter began when I started selling to my friends and family. Shortly after that my clients were requesting to purchase my cream.

I now have many products in my NaturalBella skin care line, each one was developed from a family member or client’s need. My acne/oily skin care line started when my son hit puberty and his skin changed. My daughter and many of my customers currently use it and have achieved excellent results.

Every product has a story. 

Now I am happy to offer my gift of NaturalBella skin care to others like yourself locally and globally.

Due to need and customer feedback I created a skin care line that offers intense hydration, will help to minimize beauty spots created by age and the elements and help to tighten the skin without harsh chemicals. My NaturalBella products combine 5-8 essential oils per product. The combination of the oils soothes the skin and leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful.  I use the cleanest  possible  ingredients, that are vegan friendly, affordable and leave the smallest footprint possible.

I hope you love my NaturalBella skin care as much as I do.

Janet Henderson