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Comfort Organic Essential oil Roller Blend


Comfort Organic Oil Rollerball Blend 15 ml

Comfort- "To ease the grief or distress, to improve the mood of or restore a sense of well being."

May you find comfort in this blend.

Feel cocooned and nurtured in this comforting essential oil blend. Use this blend to help ease the pain of loss, grief, loneliness, nervousness, heart break, anxiety, life changes, disappointments and sadness.

This blend has been created to assist you as you heal. 

Ingredients: A Synergy of Organic Essential oils of, Vetiver -"The oil of tranquility", Vanilla Oleoresin, Rose-Geranium, Chamomile, Rosewood-"Hug in a bottle", Marjoram, Fennel- "Strength and courage in difficult emotional times" nestled in blend of organic coconut & Grapeseed Carrier oils.

Apply the rollerball to your wrists, clavicle area or behind the ears. Inhale and feel the support, I am here for you in this thoughtful and beautiful blend.

Comfort Organic Essential oil Roller Blend