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Thanksgiving, Gratitude & Bergamot

This Thanksgiving I am reminding myself about gratitude thanks to my grandmother. Shirley Gibbon was 98 years old. She was laid to rest on Saturday Oct. 10th 2020. She lived everyday to the fullest, full of faith and gratitude. She lived in her own home until she passed with my mother and father beside her as she left us to be reunited with her husband Jim and her son Bob. This weekend I have spent time reflecting on life and how we spend it. My grandmother was such a grateful woman and as I feel the discomfort in my heart I try to focus on how much time I was given with her.   I know many of us spend time avoiding feelings that make us uncomfortable but sometimes releasing them will leave us feeling lighter and more joyful. During my grief I have been reminded about how powerful the essential oils can be for us emotionally. My grandmother loved my face cream and requested it to be applied to her skin in her last hours. I don't believe it was because she wanted soft skin but because the scent made her feel joy and relaxation. I know that I too have reached for my oils this week to help me move my emotions. Citrus aurantium/bergamia- Bergamot is so helpful to release pent up emotions, unexpressed feelings/emotions. When put in a blend it can gently encourage us to visit those uncomfortable feelings in a safe and nurturing way. Bergamot is uplifting and can help to calm nerves and soothe stressed states. It is a Top note so it is a great idea to decant it once the bottle is half full to avoid evaporation/depletion. Bergamot is anti-depressant, antiseptic, carminative, febrifuge, sedative, photo sensitive, be mindful in the sun.